Here’s how to survive the heat in Nigeria

Temperatures in Lagos and in several States across Nigeria have been hovering above the 35 degree Celsius mark for a couple of weeks now.

It really has been that hot and uncomfortable.

Across all social media platforms, Nigerians have been bemoaning the extreme temperatures with a few jokes thrown in for effect.

But it isn’t even funny. ‘Mans been very hot’ and no one needs to be told to take off their jackets – especially at nights. The jackets just come off.

Well, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) thinks it can help with some smart adaptation practices.

To survive the heat wave, NIMET says you should:

1. Drink more water to keep hydrated

2. Keep a water bottle near to remind you to take water

3. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during the period

4. Reduce intake of foods that are rich in protein because they increase metabolic heat

5. Eat a lot of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables

6. Monitor your blood pressure

7. Stay indoors between 12noon and 3pm

8. Take cold baths before going to bed at night

Keep it up.


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